Towing – How Stuff Works

There are different ways to tow a car. An easy solution would be to hook a flatbed trailer to the towing vehicle. Then you can drive your car onto the flatbed. Make sure to tie it down with ratchet straps and axle straps. Towing done in this way makes it much easier to transport your vehicle. Make sure to check the tires of the trailer before driving off.

There are several things to consider when towing a vehicle. Like the towing capacity for your car. It is essential to know how much you can pull according to regulations. There is a maximum weight that you can safely haul. You must know the dimensions of your towing equipment and load.

When a trailer is not available, use a tow bar to connect the car to the towing vehicle. Trailers need good brakes, parking lights and turn signals. These signals need to be visible for safety measures. For extra safety, stick reflectors on the back of the trailer. The rear of the tow vehicle will not be visible to the other drivers. The appropriate braking system, lighting kits and turn signals need to synch up with your tow vehicle. The people following behind must know when to slow down and when the driver ahead will turn off.

Towing takes skilful driving. It is best to practice first if you have never done any towing before. Even pressure needs to be applied to the gas pedal to be able to back up, slow down and do turn. Always be careful and ensure the safety of all the road users. Drive at a deliberate, slow speed.

Prevent the car from swaying from one side to the other. Strong wind, sharp turns and steep hills can make your trailer swing and make the loads unbalanced. Make sure the weight in the trailer distributes equally. If you increase your speed to go faster, you will find it much harder to stop the tow vehicle and the car behind you. Use the right kind of mirrors. You will need to have a clear view of everything behind you. All the traffic needs to be visible when you drive, including approaching cars on both sides.  To see well when you turn and try to change lanes can only promote safety.

Pull over regularly to double-check all connections. Check for loose ratchet straps and safety chains.

Different types of vehicles haul cargo.  To pull their load safely, it should be light. Transmission damage and accidents occur when you exceed your vehicle’s towing bulk.

In this article, I have set down a few safety tips for towing a vehicle. The final tip of the day. If you ever need to make a claim, make sure that you have adequate insurance for your protection.


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