General Moskvich League Cup 2008

Points will be shared in the system from 40-35-31-28-26-25-24-23-22-21-20-19-etc . Each graduate receives a letter of 1 point. This scoring is valid both in the Great Cup, Sprint and Rally Championship.
Great Cup 2009
Stacked in high stack after Stage 10.

Koeru rahvaralli, February 14
The Central Estonian Popular Front, April 11
Türi People’s Press, April 18
Valga County Public Hall, May 16th
Ridala 1 + 1 people’s press, July 25
Come on peoples print, August 1st
Vao 1 + 1 people’s press, August 16
Simuna People’s Press, August 29
Lääne County National Park, September 12
Orissaare Public Hall, November 28th

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