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The Moskvich League Standard Class (hereinafter “MLS”) aims to provide optimal competing opportunities with original Ish and Moskvich-type passenger cars.
Moskvich League is allowed to drive with models M2140, M412, IZ412, M408 and their second model index-bearing versions. Other vehicles may be allowed to compete with a special license from the Moskvich League Technical Commission.
The latest release date for cars manufactured at the Moscow plant in 1989, the cars produced by the Izh factory in 1997, the latest release date.
The car must have a valid ARC inspection.
The vehicle must have registration plates issued by the Motor Vehicle Registration Center compliant with the requirements.
The vehicle must not show the starting numbers and emblems of other competitions; religious, political, racist, unethical, and contrary to the Language Act, slogans and symbols.
Replacing details and nodes with other parts used by MLS authorized cars is allowed, they are considered as original parts under these conditions.
With regard to the interpretation of these technical specifications, the resolution of disputes, or the conditions not reflected in this document, the decision-making power is exercised by the Moskvich League. The relevant decisions of the Moskvich League will apply to the requesting person from the moment of the announcement of the decision. Further decisions are published on the Moskvich League website.
II Body

The car must be of an aesthetic appearance. The car must not have any consequences for accidents or depreciation that could interfere with driving or affect the safety of the race.
The tailgate must be closed to the height of the top of the box with the tailgate open. Competition with a boxer type is not allowed.
Raising the body by removing metal is prohibited. As an exception, the use of plastic foreplay strips is allowed.
Installation of the sunroof is prohibited.
Additional mountings for engine compartment cover and luggage compartment cover are permitted. Initial confirmations and souls must remain.
All doors in the car must be open both inside and outside the entire race.
The car may not have protruding unnecessary objects and equipment attached to the body.
Purposeful change of the shape of the wings is forbidden.
The use of original patches is compulsory.
The use of a flat front spoiler is prohibited.
The number of seating must comply with the factory-specific instructions.
The interior cushioning of the car, the armature and other prescribed parts must be kept to the original and for the particular car model prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer.
All glasses must be E, e or DOT certified or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
It is prohibited to cut the air intakes in the engine discs, otherwise changing the engine cover to improve airflow is prohibited.
The car must bear the insignia issued by the Moscow League and the sponsor’s promotional stickers. You can not give up too much emblem. A wise application must be submitted to the Moskvich League board for waiving one or more sponsorship ads. The corresponding withdrawal fee is charged by the Board upon receipt of the relevant permit.
III engine

Only UMZ-412 or older engines are allowed. Increasing the cubitation by more than 1478 cm3 is only permitted with the installation of a repair kit. Maximum diameter of the flask is 83 mm.
Only the following carbuators may be used: K-25, K-25A, K-44, K-59, K-126, K-126N, K-126P, 2101, Ozone, Daaz 2140 and Daaz 412.
Any kind of overflow is prohibited. Also prohibited is the so-called. chemical over-charging (adding laughing, water, etc. to the fuel mix).
Candles and candle wires are free. The other ignition system must be original in the unmodified form. Only a mechanical breaker ignition system may be used. The location of the ignition coil can be changed.
The exhaust manifold must be original and unchanged, the silencer is free of charge, but the fire pipe must observe the original shape up to the point of incorporation. The connection between the pipe and silencer, as well as the muffler output (i.e., the rear aperture), must be on the original place.
The inlet manifold, generator, fuel pump and cooling system must be original and unchanged. An electric or thermostatic cooling fan is prohibited. Cooling fan fan blades are allowed.
Only original clips and door locks can be used. Changing the noodles is prohibited.
Components of the pivot group must be original, their balancing is allowed. Camshaft and flywheel alleviation is prohibited. The flask should be balanced by removing the metal from the bottom of the flask. The maximum drive shaft speed is 70 mm.
Only the original camshaft can be used intact. Only the original camshaft sprocket can be used, the sprocket can be adjusted. Camshafts installed in a small box at a factory or by foreign dealers are prohibited.
The air filter housing must be original. Changing the air filter housing and / or its attachments for airflow purposes is not permitted. Use of an additional hinge to control the air filter is allowed.
The exhaust system must be free of leakage and no damage. It is allowed to use non-fogging mufflers. According to the Regulation of the Minister of the Environment of 22 September 2004 No 122, the noise emission level of the muffler shall not exceed 82 dBA.
IV Gear and transmission

It is prohibited to install additional springs, stabilizers and reactive rods in the suspension. Car clearance is allowed. It is only allowed to use the stabilizer bars, the hinges, and the rear body of the authorized cars in the Moskvich League, and it is prohibited to change them. The number and combination of rear suspension pages can be changed.
Shock absorbers are free, but their number and fixing points must not be changed.
Use only factory-fitted gearboxes and rear-end gears for cars authorized in the MLS. Changing gear ratios and gear ratios are not allowed. Use of gearboxes and master transmissions produced in a small series or as a single copy is not allowed.
The difference must be original. The blocking of the differential in any way and the use of limited slip differential are prohibited. According to a technical decision of the Commission, the use of a differential block can be considered as a situation in which the excessive wear of the nowadiferential satellite gears and their shafts will result in a spontaneous blockage.
Release of the gear knob from the steering column on the floor is only permitted by installing the original roller for use on authorized MLS cars.
Reversing or replacing a gear lever with another system is prohibited.
Cold graphitization can not be changed to the compression gauge. Removing the clamping pressure plate is prohibited.
Only use brake components installed on cars authorized in MLS.
The mechanical handbrake, ie the parking brake, is mandatory and must be operational. The original locking system of the handbrake must be in working order. Hydraulic handbrake is prohibited.
The steering system must be original. Any change to the steering system is prohibited. Used in the MLS for factory-fitted steering wheels, the steering wheel must not be changed. Changing the steering wheel cushion and changing or changing the buzzer switch are allowed.
V Tires and wheels

Only 13 “tread wheels are allowed; tires and wheels must not extend beyond the hull gauge in the straight-ahead position of the front wheels. In the case of a deformed body, the body is considered to be original gable.
Do not increase the car’s rail by inserting intermediate sheaves, or flanges, or adding a material to the rim core.
Bugs are prohibited (slippers). A tire, whose grooves of the vulcanized pattern make up less than 17% of the surface of the rolling surface, are also considered to be bricks.
It is prohibited to cut all types of tire tread and cut tires.
The tire tread depth shall be at least 1.6 mm at least 75% of the rolling surface throughout the race.
Tires must have no mechanical injuries or coils at all locations.
Up to 6 tires can be used in one competition. The use of most tires is permitted in the event of breakage of three or more tires, provided that the broken tires are presented to the technical committee after the end of the race. The persons authorized by the Moscow-Moscow League or the organizers of the event have the right to mark tires. The limitation on the number of tires may be temporarily canceled (by one competition) by agreement between the organizer of the race and the league, if the relevant information is published at least three weeks before the competition with the guide or its bulletin.
From 01.01.2010 in Moskvich League there is a mandatory tire for all HANKOOK. Dimensions and patterns are as follows: Summer Tent – 175/65 R13 (K702) Winter Tire – 175/70 R13 (W409)
VI Other

Only front seats with head restraints must be used. Seats can be replaced with other models approved by Moskvich. The use of other car seats and special sporting gear is prohibited. The height of the seat belt from the floor must not be less than 50 mm at any point. Changing the seat structure is prohibited.
Only use an original fuel tank in the unmodified form. Additional trolley installation is prohibited.
Additional lights are allowed.
Crankcase is recommended.
The original dashboard is required, the dashboard can be changed.
Additional metering tools are allowed.
The driver and rigid parts of the dashboard must not have sharp corners or protruding parts that can cause injury.
The car may not have non-approved items that could cause injury.
Mandatory windscreen wiper and windscreen washer.
Mandatory lanterns and illumination devices are required by the manufacturer. Lighting elements for older models of headlamps are permitted to be replaced by newer ones, while the size and shape of the lamp must remain the original.
Additional and safety equipment must comply at least with the requirements of the Traffic Act.
Installation of additional reinforcement or safety structures is prohibited. During the competition, the transport of pipes in the car is prohibited.
The car must be fitted with 3-point attachment and one diagonal overhead safety belts. It is recommended to use seat belts without inertia rollers.
Fire extinguishing system is not required.
The extinguisher must be attached with a metal holder / bracket, which must be secured to the car body with at least two 6 mm bolts. The needle should be attached to the bracket with metal wires with two quick release knobs. The fire extinguisher must be located in an easily accessible place, in working order and in valid inspection.
FIA / EAL compliant mass switch is recommended.
The towing eye on the front and rear of the car is mandatory.
The battery must be attached to its original position either with its original attachment or with at least two metal brackets and 8 mm bolts. The battery pack must be coated with an electrically non-conductive material.
The car must not have any leakage of harmful liquids to the environment and no traffic hazard. The crankcase must be driven into the air filter compartment or in a special container.
In competitions, drivers must wear a padded or non-injured car or motorcycle (except in the cases prescribed by Rawvaralli VM, where wearing a helmet is not mandatory). Helmets must be submitted to the Technical Commission for checking compliance before the start of the competition. From 01.07.2003 there must be an e-mark on the helmet, DOT marking or FIA homologation (may be out of date). The helmet must be clean, free of cracks and not torn, and must not be overstressed.

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