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1. General

1.1 The publisher of this guide is MTÜ SK Moskvich League

1.2 This manual regulates the conditions of the Moskvich League Cup.

1.3 Changes and supplements to the General Code that are part of the general guidelines will be published no later than 15 days before the next round.

regulation 2. Structure of the Cup

2.1 A list of 3 best tables in paragraph 2.1.2 Moskvich League Springstick – 8 steps , according to the points in point 2.2, according to the points scored in section 4 in the N-2 according to the score scoring in section 4, are kept in total ( see the two worst performances for each competitor is calculated for the season at the end) 2.1.3 Moskvich League Rally Championship – 5 stages , in accordance with the points in point 2.3, according to the points scored in section 4 in the N-1 system (ie, the worst result for each competitor is deducted at the end of the season) according to the points scored in section 4 . 2.1.4

Moskvich League Cup – 10 stages , according to the points in section 2.4, according to the points scored in section 4, the ranking of the points collected in system N-2 (ie, one of the worst scoring results for a competitor in the high scoreline and one of the worst scores in the big rig, calculated at the end of the season) )

2.2 Sprint Cup stages
1. 20.01 Tali
2. 19.04 Võru
3. 01.05 Kehtna
4. 01.06 Luidja
5. 06.07 Jaanimäe
6. 27.07 Laitse
7. 27.09 Vasalemma
8. 09.11 Haapsalu

2.3 Rally Championship stages
1. 16.02 Koeru
2. 08.03 complex competition
3. 22.06 Haapsalu 1 + 1
4. 16.08 Vao 1 + 1
5. (?). 10 complex competitions

2.4 Grand Cup stages
1. 20.01 Taal
popular print 2. 16.02 Koeru rahvalalli
3. 08.03 complex competition
4. 19.04 Võru rahvasprint
5 22.06 Haapsalu 1 + 1
6. 06.07 Jaanimäe People’s Press
7. 16.08 Vao 1 + 1
8. 27.09 Vasalemma People’s Press
9. (?). 10 Complex
Competition 10. 09.11 Haapsalu People’s Press

regulation 3. Technical Specifications

3.1 The ML Technical Specifications are published in Appendix 1 of this Guide .

regulation 4. Scoring and awarding

4.1 A competitor participates in the Cup Championship when he has paid the League participation fee according to Chapter 5.

4.2 At each stage, according to the Finishing Protocols, each point will be awarded to all fined competitors according to the system 40-35-31-28-26-25-24-23 -22-21-20-19-18-17 … 5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1-1-etc. Each graduate receives a letter of 1 point. If less than 10 competitors enter the class, then the cup ranking points in this class will not be awarded at this stage.

4.3 . The final results of the carcass calculations will be obtained by aggregating the accumulated score points in N-1 (rally), N-2 (high, with one result sprint and one in the rally held) and N-2 (sprint) where N has the number of stages.

4.4In the case of equal scores, the preference order for the competitors is:
1) more stages involving
2) higher places in the stage competitions
3) better scoring at the last stage (then in the last, etc.).

4.5 Rally, Sprint and Great Cup will be awarded the 6th best with the Cup. Big – and the Rally Championship takes place according to the pilot, with the participation of several card readers 2 crew will still be dispatched to the crew. In the sprint scorecard, 1 cup will be issued to the competitor.

4.6 Organizers and sponsors may issue special prizes.

regulation 5. Excessive tokens and participation fees

5.1. Cars participating in the Moscow Mosque must use too much emblem. The sticker kit is for the first time for the members of the league, the price for the repeating set is 100 kroons. Sponsored sals (including recurring) are free.

5.2 Stickers must be installed on the car in accordance with the instructions below:
5.2.1 Arle Advertising – backgammon
5.2.2 Moskvich Top of the upper part of the
overhead markers 5.2.3 Moskvich Top of the page on the web page at the top of the rear window
5.2.4 From the group – Top of the paragraphs

5.3Moskvich League symbols are mandatory for participation in competitions in the league calendar in the Moskvich League. In the case of participating in the Moskvich brand with the car without the symbol of the Moscow League, the result in the Moskvich League class is not taken into account.

5.4 The symbols of league sponsors may only be refused if objective reasons are given.

5.5. Symbolic partial or total abandonment of sponsor sponsors must be informed too much of the board before the competition.

5.6. The fee for the waiver of the over-sponsor’s sponsorship must be paid before the start of the race to either the Moskvich Liiga bank account or cash in the hands of the member of the Moskvich League board. A document confirming the transfer is to be submitted upon request to the member of the Moscow Executive League.

5.7With the symbolic partial or total abandonment of sponsors too many Moskvich League matches can be paid too much at the start of the withdrawal fee. Cancellation fee is 300. EEK per race.

5.8. If the sponsor opts for the symbolic abandonment without giving too much guidance and / or waiving the cancellation fee, a double waiver fee must be paid without any sponsorship rallies.

5.9 If the rebate is refused, the Moskvich League must be removed from the car and the results of the next stages of the Moskvich League will not be taken into account.

5.10 All competitors will be required to pay a participation fee of 200.- EEK per transfer to a bank account.Participation fee must be paid not later than 24 hours prior to the first start of the competitor in the Moscow League League. In the note of the transfer, indicate “attendance fee / competitor’s name /”. Non-payment of points to the competitor Moskvich League is not taken into account. The remuneration for late points is not taken into account retrospectively, but the competitor will start earning points in the following races following payment of the reward.

regulation 6. Penalties for violation of technical conditions

6.1 Moskvich Violation of technical conditions too high for a competitor is punishable as follows:

6.1.1 If the violation involves changing the cubicle, it will penalize the disqualification and reimbursement of all prizes or rewards of the current season.

6.1.2 All other violations – the offender is not allowed to compete or the result already achieved in the case of post-race checks is canceled.

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